• Dr. Prakash Modha

    MB, Master Of Chirurgiae, MPhil, NuroSurgeon.

    Dr Prakash Modha
  • Dr. Tejas Motivaras

    Doctor of Medicine Intensive.

    Dr Tejas Motivaras
  • Dr. Digvijaysign Jadeja

    Doctor of Medicine Intensive.

    Dr. Digvijaysign Jadeja
  • Dr. Nilesh Thanki


    Dr. Nilesh Thanki
  • Dr. Tejas Karamta

    Doctor of Medicine Intensive.

    Dr. Tejas Karamta


The Gokul SuperSpeciality Hospital offers all facilities for investigations & treatment of diseases of the brain, spinal cord, muscle and nerves. In this era of technological advances, the department of Neuro Surgery provides patients with the best possible access for head and spine trauma, brain tumors and shunt surgery.

The Centre is equipped with the most sophisticated and advanced technological aids to assist in diagnosis and management. It is backed with the state of art Neuro & Trauma ICU with 40 beds dealing with patients requiring acute Neurological care like stroke / cerebrovascular accidents, status expileptices, myaesthenia gravis, head and spinal injury patients.

The facilities and equipment include

  • 1.5 Tesla MRI
  • Spiral CT Scan
  • Electro-physiological studies
  • Trauma ICU
  • Neuro ICU


  • Samirthis is test to check email
  • URMISH VAISHNAVNeed appointment of Dr Denish Rojivadia Cardiologist
  • Nadine GrahamMetal
  • Vaibhav patelVery poor patients compliance Pls dont waste your money in such hospital which is lower class than civil hospital Such incidence cant be bearable with middle class family They will dont take any step if patients conditions is worst Will file complaint in Medical Association to take step against such hospital
  • Amitaben bhagiyaYour hospitality is not good .... It's a 3rd quality service experience while taking a falcigo injection.. but no one is visited and no one can treat a patient .. patient will be sitting after 3 hours but no one treat us... Finally we will back to home and call to family doctor and that doctor arrive and treat the patient well..
  • Dr.Harish MakwanaGood Hospital,best & good doctors. . ,Dr.Digvijay Jadeja.is very nice,kind,person
  • INDU BAHEDIAwant to consult . we will be thankful if someone can call us to discuss for appointment
  • mital chopdanice
  • vipul sarsavadiyahello sir, I am Looking for Doctor For Piles Operation
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